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Hi everyone. I'm new here and I just had a quick question about my voy and cooler. It might seem like I'm being over protective but it's my first build. So I want it to be nicely maintained lol :-). So my question is that I have an fx 4300 cpu and I just installed the hyper 212 evo. I was just wondering if 45c temp on prime95 is normal? I'm just surprised because that's pretty low. It doesn't pass that.if anyone can help just put my mind to ease thank you.
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  1. great temps with a great cooler. im guessing you havent overclocked the cpu.
  2. yup, great temp...
  3. No I haven't overclocked it. But I'm planning too. I was just checking to see if my temps are reading fine because I thought it might have been defective because I've seen reports of 50 to 60c on prime95 with that cooler so I was like wow why is mine soo low. Lol. It has 2 fans on it too.the cooler. The case has 3 intake and 2 exhaust
  4. most high temp report because some people live in humid and hot place so the ambient temp quite high.. or they has case with bad airflow...
  5. seems like you have great airflow
  6. Well that's a relief. So if I'm gonna oc it. As long as it dosnt pass 60c under load?
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    yeah, i heard no actual temp limit for FX-x3xx (vishera) chip.. but most of them recommend don't go over 60c
  8. Oh ok. Well ty so much for your help to both of u.
  9. Ok just remember the golden rules in O.C.

    - up a little, then stress test see if it stable then repeat ... until it get the max, don't go big at once and risk burn the component
  10. Yea. How long do u have to test on prime95?
  11. i usually run both prime 95 and valley benchmark (a loop not the scoring) for about 30 min to 1 hours this will test your cpu gpu psu and case airflow...

    I usually dedicated about 1 full day for finding the right O.C. profile...
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