My PC is suffering from severe CPU bottleneck problem please need help?

I recently upgraded my gpu from Nvidia Geforce 9400 gt to AMD Radeon HD 6570. My PC specs are INTEL Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 ghz, 4gb ram, Windows 7 32 bit. The problem is I'm facing bad fps drops in games like Assassins Creed 4, GTA 4 and some other games too. The Gpu usage while gaming is as low as 50% and CPU usage is 99% so I figured out this is a cpu bottleneck. When I play Gta 4 on high graphics I get around 20fps and when I try to lower the settings I still get 20fps with no improved performance. If bottleneck is there it should get fixed with lower resolution and graphics but it doesn't. What can I do to avoid cpu bottleneck. It's totally weird when I see same fps at high as well as low settings. I've already tried overclocking the CPU from BIOS but it didn't really helped that much. I don't want to buy another CPU!! Is there any way or I'm doomed. I forgot to mention that on my Nvidia 9400gt I used to get decent 25 fps with low settings.
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    Resolution is unrelated to your CPU. You have no choice but to upgrade if you want better performance.
  2. don't take this the wrong way man but what did you expect with an old dual core and a 6570 low end gpu? You need to upgrade man, even an AMD apu would be an improvement. But I say either i3 haswell or fx 6300+7770 or 7790 and you'd be happy. You also need 8gb of ram total so you'll need 64bit windows.

    what games exactly are you playing? That is a rather dated setup. Even a used cheap old sandy bridge i5 would be a major improvement even.

    At the very very very least, get a core 2 quad and overclock it
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