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I accidentally dropped my ASUS laptop (from bedside table onto carpeted floor) that's using Windows 7 as OS. It was running at the time and after the fall, it froze up, making a funny noise. I then restarted it and now it says error loading operating system. Unfortunately, I did not create any recovery disks, even if I did, they're nowhere to be found. What should I do? Help!! I read and tried the suggestion to press F2 to go into BIOS to set hard disk to first boot device, but it didn't work. Or maybe I did it wrong. I'm not tech savvy so would appreciate any advice in layman terms to get my laptop working again without heavy expenses. Thanks!!
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  1. The hard drive is very likely to have been damaged by physical shock, especially as the read/write heads were not parked at the time.

    Test it with the drive maker's diagnostic software fro DOS which loads from a bootable CD.

    For WD hard drives, the link to the CD Image download is here:

    For other makes of drive, go here:

    You can use IMGBurn to create a CD from any CD Image:
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