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I recently bulit up my rig and everthing works fine, but it makes a horrible kind of buzz-ing noise, i tried to isolate the sound and i narrowed it down to the motherboard (ASUS x79 - DELUXE) my cpu cooler (CoolerMaster Eisberg 120L Prestige) and highly unlikely my CPU (i7 4820k). Can anyone help me with a solution or did anyone encounterd the same situation?
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    It's a capacitor in your power supply that is vibrating creating that coil whine. While it is not dangerous for your system it can get annoying. RMA the power supply if it is too annoying for you
  2. dont waste you time returning the psu for that. I returened my seasonic x650 once and my 660ti both had coil whine

    if you want quiet get a console, im gonna upgrade to the ps4 soon
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