Processor upgrade FX-8350 vs i5-4670k

I currently have an FX-4300 and it's starting to get a little slow recently, I've only had it 13 months but I'm already considering an upgrade soon as it's only just keeping up with my new R9 280x. Obviously I would need a new motherboard for the Intel upgrade, it's going to cost ~£230-240 for the CPU/Mobo combination and £150 for the 8350 as it will slot straight into my existing board. I will be overclocking whichever chip I buy so keep that in mind. Which one would be best for gaming considering the cost? I'm prepared to pay the extra for Intel but only if there's a noticeable difference.

Thanks in advance guys :)
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    8350 is the clear answer. Even though 4670k does have some faster single thread performance, once you OC the AMD chip, it will keep up well with your 280x and give you good multi-threaded performance for a few games that can use it. It would be a big waste to throw away your current board.
  2. fx 8350 performs similar to the i5 in most modern games and it would be a waste of money to buy another motherboard just for the i5
  3. go 8350 man, you'll be happy with it. Everybody online seems to rag on AMD but many people here have AMD rigs and game just fine on them ,it'll do even better when you overclock it. My bro has the lesser a10 5800k (athlon 750k that toms recommends) and it's hard to tell the difference from my i5 rig when playing on 1080p ultra paired with a 660ti.

    You could even save 40ish bucks and get the 8320 and overclock it and be just as well.
  4. 4670 will not give you enough to justify a new mobo. Best spending that $100 perhaps on a R9-290
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