need help with my direct x 11.1

why is my direct x 11.1 not working....?? coz of this problm im unable to play dota please help
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  1. DirectX 11.1 requires both Windows 8.1 and a graphics chipset supporting the 11.1 feature set. Could you help us to help you out by giving insight as to both your graphics card(s) and version of Windows?
  2. I'm not sure if Dota makes use of Directx 11, but if it does, having a Win7 or Win 8 and a directx 11 gpu (HD7000 or GTX6xx or 7xx) should be able to run it automatically
  3. Please proved more detailed system specs, Ahong.
    That game is essentially a WOW mod, it only needs a DX9 card and should happily run under Win XP.
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    There are no games that require exactly DX11.1 to run. Anyway Dota is a mod of the super old Warcraft III which only requires DX9.

    If you are getting DirectX related error messages (it will say something like "Direct blahblablah crashed/failed to initialize or is missing") then you got corrupt or missing DX files.

    Download and install this to restore core DX files

    And then this one to make sure it is updated to the latest version your OS supports
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