Final thoughts before I buy the parts?

Hello guys,

Can you give me your final thoughts about the parts that I'm going to buy. I'm looking for a high end desktop that is capable off playing all games. Also I want it to be extremely fast.

Motherboard: Asus rampage IV Black Edition - 2011 Socket.

CPU: Intel i7-4930K ( 6 Cores ).

GPU: GTX 780Ti ( Note: I will add another one but not right now ).

RAM: Kingston Hyperx Beast 16GB ( 2x8 ) 2133MHz ( Note: I will add another one say next month ).

Storage: Samsung 840 Evo 250gb.

Storage: 2TB WD Black.

PSU: Thermaltake 700W ( I already have it and I will change it to 1200W once I add another GTX 780Ti ).

Case: Nzxt Phantom ( I already have it ).

I'm waiting your thoughts :)
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    The only issue I have is your current psu. Thermaltake is not a very well built psu and if it were me I'd replace it now. IMO, you may be asking for problems with that psu. You really won't need 1200w at the end of the day, 1kw will be more than enough provided it's a well built unit.

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