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Hi.I have a MSI CX620 with CPU Intel M430 I5.GPU ATI Mobility Radeon HD 545v dedicated 512.Can some one tell me who to change video didicated to 1024?I tryed this from Bios but I can't because in my bios are just informations about my laptop nothing to change.If some one can tell me who I can change that I will be very happy.

PS:Sorry for my bad english but I am Romanian:(
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  1. It cannot be done. If you want more video memory buy a new card that has the amount you want.
  2. He can't buy a new video card. That is a laptop.
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    As huilun02 said, video memory cannot be changed. Video memory is actually a physical part of the graphics card, as in if you want to change it, you need to change the whole graphics card. However, you cannot replace the graphics cards for laptops. So basically, if you want more video memory or a better graphics card, you need to buy a new laptop.
  4. I asked my computer specialist about changing my graphic card and he said he can't.:(
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