Hi, Can i upgrade my laptop with Intel Centrino2 to i5?

I have Aspire 6930 model laptop with Intel Centrino2, RAM 4GB, Harddisk 320GB. I would like to upgrade this with i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard disk...!?
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  1. No.
    Incompatible sockets, and it almost certainly does not support 8GB of RAM.
    It is a 5 year old laptop. Not much you can do to improve it.
  2. Did you price out the CPU, memory and harddrive, it must be close to a new laptop on sale. In 5 years everything has gotten faster and the new laptop will come with a warranty.
  3. If you had a desktop, such an upgrade would be possible.
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    I found this laptop on sale for $479.99 at Staples

    i5, Ram 6 Gb and Harddrive 500 Gb

    Dell and HP have something on sale, it seems like every weekend.

    I wanted to add the video would be so much better on a new laptop, also.
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