Radeon HD 5850 still good nowadays?

My friend offer me a fair trade his HD 5850 for my HD 7750 (actually 7750+some money), i know its very good offer. But is HD 5850 still good for upcoming game like Watchdogs, The division etc?

Thanks for your time :) , I just need certainty only...
(sorry for ny bad english)

Thanks :)

BTW is Corsair VS450W enough for this GPU ?
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  1. 5850 is a old card(dx10) which wont support watchdogs(dx 11) afaik . You should have asked us before giving the new DirectX 11.1 card away and taking the old used card.
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    hd 5850 is dx 11 card but its very old it produce a lot of heat and consume a lot if energy and it will be a lot of noise just keep your hd7750
  3. Yea, i change my mind :D
    other friend offer me an HD 7790 Sapphire Dual-X OC, and i think its a good deal (even i need add $40 for that card) :D
    btw thanks for ur answer :)
  4. Yea 7790 is better. But check it thorougly before buying.
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