Can someone tell me what PSU I need for this setup?

Hey to whoever is reading this post:

I am going to be getting a new gaming computer in the future and I have made a setup but I can't decide how many watts my PSU will need to run everything.

Here is a list of my parts:

Case -


RAM - (But I may upgrade this to 16GB in the future)

Motherboard -

GPU (My main part price wise) -

I have chosen a 550w power supply but it isn't a good brand like corsair and everything but can you recommend one for me that is fairly cheap but has enough for all of this and is a good brand like corsair. I don't know how to work out how much the parts take up in all and my guess is like 750w or something along those lines? please reply ASAP.

Thanks all to who will reply and are reading this.
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    a 600Watts PSU would be enough for you:

    All of them are good PSU's you can take anyone of them. But I'd prefer Seasonic. Its the best among the three.
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