Graphics Question on Intel HD 4600 for my new Build...

I am building a new and a tight budget PC. Mostly for Non-Gaming. I would be going with one of the Intel's 4th Gen. i5 or i7 processors. I won't be using a graphics card untill it seems to be more required.
I would be playing Railworks 3 and Flight Sim X only. I want to get 30 to 40FPS on Low or may be Medium Settings on resolution of 800 x 600.
Is it possible to obtain that much even with a GPU overclock ?? I hope someone helps me out. I will be getting a Graphics Card after 3 Years because currently I am in High School So, Don't want to spoil Studies with Games. SO no Graphics.
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  1. I would say you could, although bear in mind that there are always low cost options, as for example an GT 630, or HD 6670 that will not be too powerfull but can deliver decent performance.
    What tasks would you do? If just general stuff, like watching videos, facebook, whatnot, an i3 would be perfect, even paired with a cheap videocard

    Personal opinion: I am in high school and I can balance gaming, I put learning forwards. I get the best grades, and not too often, but I can go shooting some heads in CS:GO, or just play around with any of my games :)
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