42" Hitachi LCD TV as monitor - Resolution question

Hi I have a Thinkpad Lenovo laptop and I I have a Hitachi 422 LCD TV that I want to use as a monitor.
I have hooked it up via VGA but the windows and office apps are very large and I can't seem to get them smaller on the TV. If I go buy a DVI to HDMI cable, as I have a DVI port on my docking station, will that allow me to get a high resolution so I can have smaller shortcuts and smaller windows on the TV. At the moment it's all to big and not worth having it hooked up.
Highest Res currently is at 1366x788.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
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    What is the exact model # of you TV?

    If your TV's native resolution is 1366x768 (which is just might be, because that was a common size), then you are stuck with that resolution. There might be some kind of software scaling. You can change the scaling of windows (the DPI I think?) for that monitor to be a little higher. Here's how to change the DPI:

    However, DVI to HDMI would be better image quality, because it's digital.
    Also, setting up a TV for computer use is VERY, VERY complicated if you want a good picture.
    Read here:

    What OS are you using?
    Do you need me to give you the settings to get the TV to display a better picture like I talked about in that other thread?
  2. Hi Kevin.
    The model is Hitachi L42VP01UA. I have looked it us and at it has a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 so from that I assume if I get a DVI - HDMI cable that should allow me to select that resolution once connected.
    my OS is Windows 7 SP1

    Thank you
  3. Hi Kevin. Update
    Purchased a DVI to HDMI cable and now have res 1920 x 1089 so icons and windows are of a good size to work.
    However it's not as crisp as I would like and I am now trying to get it clearer. Can you assist please? I will have a look at those other links but now you have my TV model you might be able to tell what I change to make it clear :)

    Thank you
  4. Based on the manual from here:

    Here are some guesses:

    Default Zoom (do this first)
    * I don't know which one will set the monitor to the correct setting, but this is a very important setting to get right. You want a mode that will not resize the image/signal to fit the monitor, but will dispaly exactly the image, pixel by pixel, on screen.
    * My guess? 16:9. Make sure you get this one right. Unfortunately, the manual seems to hint that all modes do some form of stretching, but if you have 16:9 as an option, that might work. Otherwose, try Full or Default.


    Mode > Natural
    * I don't know what this means, but Cinema and Dynamic usually modify the image.
    Contrast, Brightness, Colour
    * you pick, since this wont affect sharpness of the picture
    * I don't kow what number equals no sharpening. My guess is it's either 0 or 50 or 100
    * Pull up an image with sharp lines in it or use MS Paint to make some lines. Then use that to guage which setting has no sharpening. Most likely, it will be a nice round number.
    Colour Temp
    * Normal probably, but you can pick, since this wont affect sharpness of the picture
    Noise Reduction
    * Off
    Film Mode
    * Off
  5. Thanks Kevin
    I have been having a play and your right with those settings .. luckily there are not too many that you can change :)
    On the mode setting it automatically fills the screen so I have full 42" screen use

    Thank you for all your help

  6. Thanks for letting me know how it went.
    ... and glad it improved the picture for you.
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