Need to upgrade grapics card

I am looking to upgrade my grapics card but I need help cause I am dense when it comes to this stuff. Here is a link to the PC I have that shows the Specs
I just want to upgrade the Grapics card and the power supply if needed but all help is appreciated
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  1. Not going to happen, sorry.
    If your link is right, there are no expansion slots of any kind.
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    Wow. I'm amazed at what they sold you. I didn't know such low end modern computer existed.

    Unfortunately, you have to get a complete new system. Even if you upgraded to a better power supply to power the new GPU and a better CPU to work well with the new GPU, your motherboard has no(!) slot for a dedicated GPU. So its a completely new system for you...
  3. Not to mention the 90W powersupply...
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