Samsung 830, upgrade to 840 Evo for cheap?

Hi, I have the option to upgrade to an 840 Evo (new) for basically $10 (Building for a friend, he's getting my old 830 if it's worth it for my "labor" costs). I've been looking around for benchmarks and such, some numbers are all over the place. In general, the 840 Evo is a faster drive than the 830, correct? I'm aware that it doesn't last as long, however I won't be using the Evo for 10+ years, and certainly won't be writing much to it. My only concern otherwise, is that I very seldem will record 1080p 60FPS footage for games (once in a blue moon) and can currently do that without any issues, it's hardly noticeable. This upgrade also gives me an excuse to reformat, which I've been wanting to do anyway for a little while. If the drive is even slightly better overall, then it's worth it to me. It seems to be, but I'd like other opinions considering most comparisons are comparing the 840, 840 Evo, and 840 Pro.
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  1. this is the rankings from worst to best : 840<830<840 EVO<840 PRO
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