can a hard drive from a windows 7 be installed and run on a vista system

I have a toshiba window 7 that has lost it’s boot manager file I need to recover my photos and documents from it I have a older toshiba with a vista system running on it. Can I install the hard drive on my old toshiba and remove the information i need ?I am a novice so there is not much knowledge of the systems Please Help, Thank You in advance,

Tommy Jackson
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  1. Hi, if the hard drive does not work in your Toshiba, when you replace the hard drive of your old Toshiba with the new, it will not work, because you have lost the boot manager . The only way is to use the hard drive as an external drive in your old Toshiba. Then, you can retrieve all your files.
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    You might be able to browse the directory, yes. Or as jarotech suggested, if you connect it via a USB adapter, you can access as you would any other mass storage device.

    Alternatively, you can boot off of a Linux Live USB disc/disk, or use Hiren's or the like to boot into Mini Windows XP. You should be able to access your data that way as well.
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