Rosewill Thor V2 or Azza Hurrican 2000

I have already purchased and gotten the sentey gs 6700 case. Problem is......I hate it. It seems cheap to me and all the wires and connectors seem flimsy. So my question is that I am going to buy a better case and am either looking at the Thor V2 or the Hurrican 2000. Any input helps and would be appreciated.
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  1. I own and have built and sold a few higher end pc's in the Thor V2 white cases and love them. Only con in my book is they r heavy
  2. Just wondering on the airflow of both of them. Im going to be running a fx-8350, which I understand can get pretty hot, cooled by a hyper 212 evo in push-pull. I will also be running the gigabyte r9 270x with the windforce cooler so that will be some extra heat being exhausted into the case. Btw I also want QUALITY. As i said, the sentey case I got is very, very cheaply made, although not cheap in price.
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    The airflow on the thor is great and I love the cable management in it. I use Rosewill cases more in more than half my builds mainly due to the quality for the cost of the cases from 40-50 bucks all the way up to the 120-150 price range. The couple thors i have used have been very soild no warping of the side panels or defects. The built in fan controller isn't the best but a nice add on feature.

    Looking at the Azza it looks decent as well never seen a case with a fan under the mobo like that not sure if that would help cpu temps much.
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