Swapping files from one hard drive to the next when both have Win 7 installed

Ive been having issues with programs not responding lately and feel it is time for a fresh install of windows.

I have an empty spare harddrive laying around and I wanted to know if I it would be possible to load a fresh copy of windows onto the new drive and then boot into it and transfer all my work files from my current hard drive. I know that it is possible to have multiple drives with OSes installed but wanted to make sure that you can access both simultaneously and it does not lock the other drive out of service since it has an OS installed.

I felt this would be far easier then trying to find enough blank media to hold 80+ gigs of information I want saved or swapping to my extra HD and then back.

Thank you.
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    Yes, you can boot from the new drive and be able to pull information off the old drive and put it on the new drive.
  2. Thank you ThatVietGuy, just what I wanted to hear.
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