Good mouse and keyboard within a £30 budget?

Does it matter on the mouse and keyboard for gaming? If so what good mouse and keyboards out there that can be bought in a budget of £30
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    I'm also hoping to hear some recommendations. I should say, though, that I think a standard layout is a MUST have for gaming, as well as keys that are not silicone based or whatever they are on phones and some laptops. You need to feel the keys working.

    As for the mouse, I used a Microsoft Intellipoint for a long time until the mouse died (not the switches though) after about 5 years. It was a very good mouse and inexpensive as well. I can't recommend the new Microsoft models though, I had one and, while it was nice to use and pretty precise (not as good as my old Intellipoint though, despite being more expensive), it had a very noticeable delay when middle clicking, which was annoying when using it for productivity, and a death sentence when playing... DO NOT buy Microsoft, unless you're ready to return the mouse when (if?) you find out about the middle click delay for yourself.
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