Install of a used ide hdd with already installed sata hdd caused change of sata from disc (0) to disc (1)

I was able to add a used IDE hard drive to my desk top which already has a SATA hard drive in it. My Computer recognizes the newly installed ide hard drive as drive E (disc(0)) and the sata drive as drive C (disc(1)). I had no problem restarting my computer with this new configuration. My OS is Windows XP. My question is; if I repartition drive E (disc (0)) will drive C return to being disc (0) and drive E become disc (1)?
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    No. It's common for motherboards with IDE and SATA controllers to have a lower disk number for the IDE connected HDDs. It really is not important and I wouldn't be concerned about it affecting anything.
  2. No. The numbers a related to the init sequence of the ide and sata controllers.
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