(R9 270x+ i5 2500k) vs (GTX 760+ fx-6300)

I'm trying to build a pc which is better to run games with higher fps? (R9 270x+ i5 2500k) or (GTX 760+ fx-6300)?
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    I would go with the 2500k. it is a better cpu and more future proof as far as gaming performance. The 270x and 760 are pretty similar in performance so you won't go wrong with those.
  2. imo the 2500k + 270x is better in the long run as it is easier(or cheaper) to upgrade the gpu later on. that and the difference between the 270x and 760 is not worth it. 2500k is a gaming beast cpu
  3. Is there a cheap motherboard compatible for the 2500k and r9 270x?

    I don't know what your version of cheap is. This is a full featured mobo.
  5. That maybe expensive somehow
  6. Well when these mobos go $300+ I don't know what you're thinking. Give me a price range here.

    here's the cheapest. Do you need SLI or crossfire support?
  8. Can u plz tell me what is Sli and what is crossfire?
  9. SLI is when you use 2 nvidia gpus as 1 and crossfire is when you use 2 amd gpus as one. Typically it is only worth doing when you need to use 2 of the top end cards to power a large display. Doing it with mid range cards usually doesn't pan out.
  10. It's not suitable for me, i only need a complete pc under $750
  11. Well the second mobo i posted should do what you need.
  12. Is there a cheaper one?
  13. How about you tell me a budget, it would make this a lot easier.
  14. Less than $60
  15. Btw, sorry for busying u, i'm not perfect in PCs yet.

    That's as cheap as you can go, I'd just fork out the extra few dollars for the other one.
  17. Yea but it is the same chipset and you aren't gaining any features really for the $5 extra.
  18. I'm in egypt and the other one u posted is not available here
  19. in that case the one you posted is pretty much the same, go for it.
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