PC crashing and locking up when overclocking GPU

I have an HIS HD 7870 IceQ 2GB GPU
I am trying to overclock using MSI Afterburner. I've researched a lot into overclocking. I've taken baby steps trying to find a stable overclock. But so far I have ran into nothing but problems.

Checked for artifacts using GPU Tool. Found none. Decided to try a game while monitoring temps. Got into game, went to alt tab and got the Windows 8 blue screen "Oops, PC ran into a problem". Temps were at 48 when my PC crashed, and GPU usage around 35%.

At this point I only had my core clock increased about 100mhz over default. I have a 600w PSU (CX 600). 80plus bronze.

A couple friends told me 600w is more than enough for this GPU and the rest of my hardware.

What could be causing this?
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  1. There is no gaurantee that your GPU can be overclocked. Have others done it? Im sure they have. But that doesnt mean that yours can be.
  2. vrumor said:
    There is no gaurantee that your GPU can be overclocked. Have others done it? Im sure they have. But that doesnt mean that yours can be.

    Others have overclocked this card, but they say it's a pain in the ass. It's possible this card sucks when it comes to overclocking.
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    Have you gone into Afterburner settings and unlocked the voltage options so you can increase it in concurance with clock. 7870 is like an OCed 7850 so the clock has already been pushed some so you will need to push voltage to increase more
  4. Not sure on how much I should increase the voltage. The voltage is set at 1219 by default I imagine.
    There's also a Power Limit %
  5. Ive seen people go as high as 1.35(1350) for benchmarking. I would recommend not going over 1.3(1300) for 24/7 OCing. I personally like to make sure my GPU temps stay under 70 at max load

    Also at some point I would recommend upgrading PSU. While Corsair carries a reputable name, CX and VS series are cheaply made
  6. Understood. I just tried 1231 volage, +20 power limit, and 1050mhz. Max temps was 58 and no crashes.
  7. Sounds like you are on your way. Congrats and Happy overclocking
  8. Thank you for the help
  9. NP come back and tell us what your max settings are without artifacts. Also close thread and show as solved so other people with same problem will know.
  10. I ended up at 1263 voltage, power limit +20, 1170 core clock, 1320 memory clock. Temps never go above 60, played for about 20 minutes.. no crashes. Not sure if there will be problems later on when I play for several hours, but we'll see. For now, it seems good.
  11. Not sure how to close and mark as solved.
  12. Cool.. Glad to hear it working out for ya. You already marked as solved by selecting best answer!
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