Mobo doesn't fit in Case (ATX Asus Z87-K)

Hello all,

I recently bought a mobo and thought I had a good case. it is a midi tower from the days of Windows XP (but ATX.. right??)

So I remove the motherboard (not fun: D), grab my new Asus friend out of the box, see if it fits, grab my glasses, look again, thinking, "WTF"?
He was 4 ft. bigger than the old MoBo?

Can someone explain, please?

Kind regards,
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    All ATX motherboards are 12 inches long. If the mobo doesn't fit then the case doesn't support ATX motherboards.
  2. What case model or at least what was the old motherboard model? It sounds like you had an mATX motherboard in there.
  3. I've searched for a image and you're right guys, it's a mATX.
    You've got advise for a new nice standard case? Not to expensive?

  4. Here is a list of mid-tower cases:

    The Cooler Master HAF 912 is a good ATX case moderately priced.
  5. Thank you very much all!

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