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Hi. My computer is slowing down- i have problem with playing movies on my computer or in web broswer. Movies are slowing down but when i pause them they are playing good till nex time. I have observed in games similar situation. Games sometimes slowing down then is good. I have 1 stick 4 gb ram of 1600mhz oc on 1866. Motherboard is msi fm2-a55-e33. Cpu a8-6600k. Hdd 5400 rpm sata 2. I have overclocked cpu a little but temps are good (zalman cnps10x performa ). I have this problem since i get my pc. I have installed newest drivers. I saw in catalyst options to reduce this movie skipping but they not helping. I have windows 7 sp 1. Please help.
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  1. what kind of internet connection do you have?

    and how fast is it?

    does this happen if you play a movie on a dvd?
  2. It happens when i play movies from hdd or internet. I have changed movie player and from hdd movies are playing good, i have updated adobe flash player to verision 12 but it not solved problem. I have google chrome. I will try another web browser.
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    Can you reinstall windows , or run a restore?

    The hardware should easily handle these things so i think you have a windows , or driver problem , and since you have updated drivers that only leaves windows
  4. i will try, i removed copule programs including amd overdrive, restored defaul settings in amd catalyst and bios, nothing happens. Also i run memory test, no problems.
  5. When i try tool to repair system i get message to unplug devices like camera. I only pluged phone and installed samsung kies. What i can do to run this tool? (Its first option after running windows 7 by f8)
  6. I repaired windows. But i still have a problem. Please someone tell me if i add another stick of ram will it solve problem? I saw in manual of my motherboard that to ensure system stability ram must be the same type and density on dual channel mode.
  7. I have reinstalled system windows, it solved problem, i had 950 pts in 3dmark11 oc, now i have 1250. Windows works good. Movies are working fine. Thanks for your help.
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