red themed gaming rig

I am planning to build a black/red scheme gaming pc and I need your opinions about that.

mobo: my first choice was asus sabertooth990fx r.2 but i chose gigabyte ga 990fxa ud3 just because of the color matching

cpu cooler: 1st choice was hyper evo 212 but again cuz of the color i decided with phantecs

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  1. those are nice cases but I just love corsair air 540 its different and it has the biggest side window ever.

    so if wd green is slow, when i try to copy a file to it i will wait much more time right?
  2. Why not get a Asus ROG board for a black/red theme?
  3. because it is expensive for me :) I am not an extreme overclocker and I am not gonna make sli or crosfire so I think I Don't need rog board. but that board would be perfect for me :(
  4. by the way i changed my mind after i read "amd or intel" disscussions on the forum. now i am gonna build an intel pc. any help appretiated
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