External Hard Drive doesn't show up on my computer!

Hi, I have Toshiba satellite M70. The original HD that came with the laptop is Toshiba MK 1032GSX with 100 GB storage. I bought a new HD Toshiba MQ01ABD050 with 500GB storage. I also upgraded my RAMs.
1- I installed my new HD in my laptop and installed windows XP SP3. I want to use my old HD as an external HD.
2- I plugged it into the computer via USB cable, but the computer wouldn't recognize the external HD.
3- I plugged the old HD back into the computer and formatted it, and installed a fresh Win XP SP3.
4- I put my new HD back into the laptop and tried to plug the old HD as external HD to see if it would work now, but the computer still doesn't recognize it.
5- I opened Computer Management and looked under Disk Management, but the external HD didn't show up there.
6- I plugged it into different USP and waited for a minute and a new icon for the external HD in my computer pops up. I double clicked it and gives an error "Please insert a disk in drive E".
Then the icon disappears. I unplugged the HD and plugged it back in but the icon would show up again. I waited for an hour before I plug it back on. The icon appeared for 2 seconds and then disappeared again.
I know it's not a hardware problem for the following reasons:
1- When I plug in the external HD, the light in the HD case turns on (Red).
2- I can hear and feel that the HD is running.
3- I plugged the HD back into the laptop as internal HD to check if it works, and Win XP shows up so there is nothing wrong with the HD.
Can someone please Help me how can I use the old HD as external HD and make the icon for it shows up in my computer?
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  1. Hi, the only test you didn't try, is take your new HDD and connect it as an external drive. If you have the same problem, then the external enclosure you use is the problem.
  2. Another possibility is the USB port doesn't provide enough power. My external 2.5" USB 3.0 case has 2 USB connectors. I have to connect the main one first (for power) and then the second one (USB interface).
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