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Hello community,

I have a question about a laptop that I got hold of which has a damaged screen. I want to be able to use this laptop as a home server (for its low power consumption) and I need to get video out of it. In short, the monitor powers up when I power on the laptop, but the video is completely messed up, due to the damage of the screen. Also the laptop has no hard drive and subsequently no OS. I have tried connecting an external monitor both with HDMI and VGA and pressing fn + f8 but the external monitor does not show anything. I know that the laptop works, as, when I press arrows and enter there are patterns moving in a specific order on the damaged screen. Also alt+ctrl+del works too. I need a way to get video without OS, during the initial loading of the laptop. I have removed the keyboard and opened the laptop to see what kind of connection its native monitor uses and it is an LED monitor and connection. Can somebody give me any idea and suggestions?

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  1. Hi, what you could try, when you push the power button, close the lid right away, the laptop will use the external monitor instead of the laptop monitor. That don't always work but give it a try.
  2. THank you for your prompt response. I have tried that actually but I forgot to mention it.

    Any other ideas?

    Is the extrenal monitor supposed to show video even before loading os if I press fn f8? Or the external monitor command (fn f8) is only for windows?

  3. The external monitor is supposed to show you everything, and the Fn F8 keys is a function of Windows. The laptop has a program POST, that should show on the external monitor and if you don't have a HDD, it will tell you also on the monitor.
  4. So you think that the output (VGA) might be faulty because it doesn't show anything?
  5. Maybe the screen was not the first problem, could be the GPU also. I'm using an Acer and an IBM with a cracked screen and everything is showing on the external monitor.
  6. Same problem here. I've got an Asus x551c and can't get external monitor working by the moment.
  7. Very interesting. I think I should mention that, apart from my x551c broken laptop, I've also go an x550c which has the same problem. I was thinking to buy a replacement led screen to test. Does anyone know which one would fit (the x551c).

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    Take out the screen and you will find the number of the screen on the back, with the number, search the internet and you will find the right screen for your laptop.
  9. Bought a replacement screen and laptop works great. Thanks
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