Best 120mm blue led intake fans?

I've done a lot of reading across different reputable website forums on the best 120mm fans. However, most of the test setups are specific to using those fans on CPU cooling or radiator cooling and most of the fans are non LED fans. Additionally, company reported ratings are ambiguous at best.

What I want to know is what, in the communities opinion or user experience are the best performance/noise 120mm blue LED fans for intake purposes only. I want two to be on the front in a corsair 500r case.

I've been considering the enermax tb silence and the cooler master jetflo.

Part of my consideration is if they are amazon prime.

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  1. Get the Corsair AF120 LED fans, they are great. The CoolerMaster Jetflo is going to be extremely loud
  2. Cougar Dual-X.

    Enermax fans are good for their price-point, but if you want better performance you can look elsewhere.
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    I also use Cougar Dual-X , awesome fans.

    COUGAR 12CM Blue LED Hydraulic (Liquid) Bearing Ultra Silent Fan 1200RPM, 64.4CFM, 16.6dBA

    + 40% off w/ promo code EMCPWHG224
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