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I'm looking to get a decent gaming system for less than or around $800 I've got one pre built on cyberpowerpc

This has all the features I want, but everyone says it's better, and cheaper to build it yourself. I've looked around on newegg, and for roughly the same parts (some worse) it's about the same price without shipping. Any thoughts?
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  1. Well what parts did you look at on Newegg.
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    Companies like cyberpower and ibuypower actually do sell configs for less than you can spec them yourself because they get their parts bulk, so it really depends on what you want. Building a PC is fun for me, it is something I like to do in my spare time, but not everyone is like that, and if that isn't something you think you'd have fun with then just get the prebuilt. You really won't save a lot, if any money speccing out that PC yourself, so if it is time you want to save then go for it :-) That is my opinion anyhoo ;-)
  3. @bdiddytampa

    Thanks for the insight I wasn't sure if they cut costs by slapping in cheap parts or if they would add a building fee or something when I went to buy lol I'm pretty new to this.
  4. +1 on bdiddytampa

    i totally agree with what he just said.

    let me add that dell has online coupons for prebuilts that might compete with cyber, i'm not really sure if they still have them but i remember buying a dual xeon with a 1,000 dollar knock off. just a suggestion to buy a dell.

    although i do have some custom rigs, i found that pre built is better cause of reliability issues and other reasons which are too long to put here, keeping this simple and short. i fried some custom parts, yeah go figure.
  5. no, usually they put name brand parts in their computers from what i remember.
  6. @alienworkshop yeah I could probably build one myself but I'm a college student on a budget a fried part or some mistake on my part would be catastrophic
  7. yeah, i see what you mean. it happens.
  8. I appreciate the feedback guys, you've really put my mind at ease!
  9. Hey man, good luck and enjoy your new rig :-)
  10. Thanks I'm getting it for "school" ;)
  11. Lol riiiiiiight ;-) That is what I said about my last laptop purchase, need SLI for "school" :-P
  12. Well you never know.. One of my homework assignments might be to play bf4 in high settings at 40-60fps haha
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