changing bios settings to match new ram stick

i just recently got a new 4gb kingston pc3-10600 cl9 204-pin SODIMM. my computer wont start with it, i know it is the specifications for the computer i have so i am trying to change the settings in bios but i dont know what to change and what to change it to.
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  1. Is it the only stick, if other DRAM already there they may not want to play together, not a good idea to mix DRAM can be problematic
  2. ok when only the 4gb stick is in my laptop doesnt start, i have checked everytyhing else so either i need to change settings in bios to match ram stick or the stick doesnt work, what settings do i need to change and what do i need to change them to
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    Most laptops don't allow much for changing the BIOS settings, if the 1333 stick won't boot up, you may just be out of luck with it, it should go to the default and at least boot up
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