Hi guys Need help

I have 80$ maybe 90$ i want power supply for my system current i have Gtx 770 but in month or so i buy another Gtx 770 i want
Modular power supply thank you all
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  1. You need something in the 850W range.
  2. i check it Nivida website it say's for SLI 770 i need 700W or greater
  3. Lol i only have 80-90 would tell me if there is 750W power supply for 80-90$
  4. Or this one, also $115

    You could get by with a 700W PSU too, if you don't overclock and don't have too many hard disks and so on. For example this reviewer says 700-800W minimum.
  5. Saif Seofe said:
    Lol i only have 80-90 would tell me if there is 750W power supply for 80-90$

  6. EVGA Supernova NEX750B 750W
    Personally I would go for the XFX.
    Both have a 5yr warranty.
  7. davcon said:
    You'll need to save more money and buy a high quality 750W unit.
    XFX 750W PRO750W

    LOL, I found it first!!!
  8. Do you get a warranty when you buy from eBay?
  9. Yea you get 30 days if you dont like the item or the item is bad you can return it
  10. I wouldn't buy a supposedly new computer component off eBay.Especially a psu.
    Asking for trouble!
    Buy it from authorized resellers like Newegg or NCIX,etc.
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