Best Closed-Loop CPU cooler with a 120mm fan?

I'm looking to upgrade from my Hyper 212+ to a closed loop liquid cooler for my i7-4770k. I want a relatively affordable cooler (As in under $100) with a 120mm fan (My Antec Nine Hundred doesn't support anything bigger where I want to put the cooler.) that's also fairly quite. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
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  1. corsair h80i i love mine constant 25-30c temps
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    darksoul1 said:
    corsair h80i i love mine constant 25-30c temps

    That probably is the one,but you could also look at the corsair h75 or the h60->2013 version (comes with the gray fan)
    From cooler master there is the seidon 120XL,but it's probably louder.

    Just compare them in reviews.Oc3D has one that has all these in one review about the h75 if i remember correct.
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