best low resource broweser

What is the best internet browser for my low spec laptop

acer aspire 5315
1gb ram
1.86 ghz 1 core cpu
80gb hard drive
(dont say get a new pc as i have a high power gaming pc this is just a spare i use for internet browsing when on my games)

so basically need a browser that low on recourse and still needs to be able to do browser basics like videos, favorites and multiple tabs

i have ruled out firefox chrome and ie

chrome has to many processes and high cpu usage

ie is to slow and high cpu usage

and firefox is slow to respond and is the worst out 3 on streaming sports and i just dont like it

(i have read opera is good so i will try that but any advise will be great)
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  1. opera and chrome.
    firefox eats resources up like a pig.
    the lightest i've found(read about) is but haven't tried that.
    i'd get opera tbh.
  2. chrome and opera, just minimize how many tabs you have open at once. each tab is a "process" (at least in Chrome)
  3. opera dosnt have bookmarks chrome eats resources when streaming videos and so does opera and there both laggy video play back

    slimboat is a resource whore it runs at 90 cpu usage but video is not as laggy but still jumpy
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    You need to use chrome v25 (for windows XP) here and even chrome can consume RAM to ridiculous amounts depending on the amount of tabs opened and stuff in them. For that you need to configure chrome manually and restrict the max RAM usage allowed or use a powerful extension like one tab to save RAM and put them in background when planning to not view a set of tabs for several hours\day etc. My browser is always open with lots of tabs so i use this setup and i have 6GB of RAM.

    Here's the link for one tab extension:

    Other alternative is use any browser, like say firefox or IE 10, and then restrict the amount of RAM usage manually here. You can do this with the help of job objects:

    Hope that helps you. :)
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