Confirm Corsair Carbide 500r width.

Is it really only 8.1 inches wide or are the "side bulges" not measured?

I'm currently still using my faithful Antec 300 but am considering swapping it out for something a little nicer soon, and as I'm still a fan of the general looks of the Antec the corsair carbide range has caught my eye. The only potential problem is that I'm a little limited in choice due to the width it needs to be.

Tech specs put it at 8.1 inches wide making it equal to the Antec but that begs the question... where does all the extra space come from? Pics seem to show ample space behind the motherboard to route cables (which simply isn't possible for me at the moment) as well as fit a nice big 200mm fan in the other side.

I'm not above rearranging stuff to accommodate a bigger case (especially if its a nice one) but it would be nice to know beforehand.
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  1. Hmm. Got an email reminding me to pick a best answer talking as if this had had a reply. It lied.

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    Dimensions: 20.5” x 8.1” x 20”

    Yes it's really 8.1.
  3. I finally got round to swapping out my case for this one, part of the decision of course based on the answer given here.

    SR-71 Blackbird obviously had no idea what he was talking about... width of this case is more like 9.4" with the expanded bulges in the sides included... gee thanks :-/

    Now I either have to do something funky with my desk to get it to fit or send it back.
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