trying to figure out how much to sell my first build for

Looking to sell my first build and im trying to figure out a reasonable price.
Patriot gamer 2 series ddr3 8 gb
Seagate barracuda 7200 rpm 1 tb
Intel core 3450 3.1 i5
Asus r8 z77-v
Raidmax 600w psu
Evga gtx 560 ti
Lg bluray burner/read optical drive
Raidmax blackstorm atx -61

Theres a wireless card but I dont have the specs but it was like 40 bucks when I bought it. I have discs with the software my biggest concern is shoukd I give them my windows os disc with the code or keep it and have them install their own. And I have the bluray software required to play blurays that comes with the optical drive. But not the burning software.
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  1. It all depends on when you built it, and for how much. Personally, if you built it recently - like within the past couple months - I would add 15% or so to the build cost. For example, I just built a computer for $800, and if I were to sell it, I personally would sell it for $920 and see what offers I get. Just check around. Go onto Amazon and NewEgg and find systems with parts similar and compare prices.

    About the OS. If you are going to sell them the computer, they should also get the OS... Give them the key, and the disc, because they are paying you for the system and I hope you would include the OS cost in your final price.
  2. Half of my parts have been discontinued. And the ones that arent are moderately cheaper than they were. I built this set up about a year and a half ago. It cost me about 1000.

    Looking at it now I figure itll be more affordable to upgrade it rather than sell it because everything works fine I just want to upgrade my gpu to a evga 2781 gtx 780 3 gb. Do I need to worry about anything other than my power supply with an upgrade like that? I used the new egg power calculator to try and gauge how much power my system uses but its an estimate at best and all the estimates were close to 600 with the new card.
  3. No, not really. The power supply is really the only thing you need to worry about. Just be sure the new card is not being bottlenecked by the processor. But yes, upgrading would be the cheaper way.
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