Need a good gaming motherboard

I need a motherboard that supports 2 GPU's they are pretty big so the slots need to be pretty spaces out, Im going to be putting 2 GTX 770 4GB in there. Also it needs to be like 100-150 dollars. Thanks!
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  1. Which CPU you have in mind? AMD or Intel?
  2. Intel
  3. for i5 4670
    mobo Asus Z87-A or ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer
  4. Do you want micro atx or atx? Is it Intel Haswell (like 4770k)? If so, the motherboard I have is awesome.
  5. i have i7
  6. Dylan0637 said:
    i have i7

    Ivy Bridge or Haswell , for Haswell those above work
  7. Ivy Bridge
  8. Which one would be the best out of the both?
  9. Dylan0637 said:
    Which one would be the best out of the both?

    i trust Asus more .
    You have i7 3770(K) !?
  10. I have a i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz
  11. Would it still work with the ASUS one with that CPU
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    Dylan0637 said:
    I have a i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz

    No problem I7 2600 Sandy Bridge will work on the last boards. See
  13. Ok because i just bought a new case so i could fit all this stuff and the front panel dosent work becuase my motherboard is stock and it has no slots for my front panel.
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