Is my MSI N760 TF 2GD5/OC GTX 760 a bad overclocker?

I have been trying to overclock my card using MSI After Burner, but I cant achieve good overclocks. I found I could go +80 on core clock for a total of 1100 Mhz core clock without increasing voltage, then after a 12mv increase (The max AB would let met) I could achieve only +100 (1120 mhz/1185 mhz on boost).

I was following this: as a goal I got really behind of what they achieved.

But the weird thing is that I cant increase memory clock, they added +200 mhz, when I cant even add +50.

Could it be that the card I got is the only one not overclocking well? Voltage "max" reading on GPUZ never increases 1.2V.

My PSU is an EVGA 500B with max output of 500w, could this be the issue?

The Card TDP never increases more than 65%, temps stay at 55 C during Unigine Heaven benchmark.
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  1. your twin frozr may have crappy elpida memory which doesnt overclock very well. but you should be able to unlock the higher voltage settings for msi afterburner. its usually called unofficial overclocking, just look it up. after that you should be able to increase the vcore much higher and push higher clocks. i believe most like to do 1.25v on the core and can get 1200mhz. your could be screwed on the memory though if its elpida which msi has been using lately. you can use nvidia inspector to see what the memory brand installed on the board is.
  2. It says "SK Hynix Inc" using Nvidia inspector. I just tried using EVGA Precision X and I could complete a full cicle on Unigine Heaven using Core clock +100 mhz and Memory Clock +200 Mhz...weird. Anyway as soon as I tried increasing to 110 mhz core clock, it crashed after a while on the benchmark. Guess 100 mhz its really the limit of my card I guess.
    I tried unlocking more voltage as you suggested but apparently Nvidia ordered GTX 760 manufacturers to Bios lock the voltage to 1.2V, but dont quote me on that.

    I also found out my ASIC quality is very low, only 66.5% :( I guess I lost the silicon lotery on this one.
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    you should head over to overclock.nets official owners thread as there is going to be vastly more information about your card there.....

    on the first page they have a bunch of sticky's that will get you a bunch of basic information about programs and overclocking basics

    then create an account and start asking questions. the users there will have extensive knowledge about your card.

    the hynix memory is good memory so you should be able to get much higher. do you have your power limit slider up to as high as it can go? like 120% or whatever?
  4. Thanks man, I will go there
  5. im also having d same problem as u DEUS AQUILA can u help me i have d same graphic card as u have. please help
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