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I am debating on 16 GB vs 8 GB of 1600mhz 8cas Crucial Ballistix 1.35v low profile ram. Any suggestions supported by current benchmarks or experience. I already bought the asrock itx and a 4670k and will be overclocked and used for wow and Planetside 2
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  1. 8 gb will work perfectly fine for gaming, so that is what I recommend. Ram is pretty much the easiest component to upgrade so if in the future you want 16 you certainly could add it.
  2. like any dream machine,things are tied to a budget.rule of thumb,if you can afford it do it.
  3. aldan said:
    like any dream machine,things are tied to a budget.rule of thumb,if you can afford it do it.

    very true, I just would put the $75 or so towards a more noticeable part like a gpu or ssd
  4. If you can bear the price of 16GB(2x8GB) modules nowadays - you can go for it. But if you're concerned about your budget and if you'll be ever be going to maximize your memory - I'd say - just go with 8GB(2x4GB). It's rare to hit 7GB of memory consumption unless you're using it as a workstation with memory intensive applications.
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    Windows won't use more than 2GB of memory.
    32-bit applications (including games), even running on a 64-bit operating system can only address 2GB memory.
    There is some reserved memory addresses as well, so you can use up to 6 GB when running most games.

    Some newer games are coming out with 64-bit executables.
    These can take advantage of your extra RAM, but I don't think any of these require more than 8GB at the moment.
    8GB is enough for now, but 16GB might be a good idea to future proof your PC.

    Despite earlier posts, trying to mix RAM modules can be problematic.
    In a years time you may not be able to get the same RAM modules anymore.
    This would mean to upgrade to 16GB later would probably mean removing the 8GB you buy now and replacing it with the new 16GB of memory.
  6. If thinking 16GB, get it now, mixing sets can be problematic even with the same exact model of sticks, and prices which have been going up likely will continue to as DRAM makers gear up more to DDR4 DRAM, also keep in mind that Haswell scales well to faster DRAM so developers will will see that as a way to speed up their apps with faster DRAM, would look for 2x8GB in 1866 or 2133 as a minimum
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