A few issues with Windows Vista - Home Premium...Lost Administrator password...

Okay the PC was purchased for educational purposes for my younger sister and I, about 4 yes ago. Well she ends up misplacing it for 3 yrs and then yesterday she found it goes to try and use it and she has forgotten the password to her (administrator) account. She asks me to see what I can do. But I can't do a whole lot without access to the admin acct. Also, the CD-ROM drive is not working, so I'm not sure about being able to restore factory settings or using a ''password cracker''. I tried restoring FS by pressing F8 during start-up but couldn't get into the ''Advanced Boot Options'' menu only thing I can get into is just regular setup with a light blue screen. I really need to get this unlocked BC we need to use this computer badly. Can someone out there please help me??

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    Sorry. Forum rules do not allow for assisting in bypassing security protocols.

    -Wolf sends
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