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My philips external player works perfectly when plugged into my homebuilt win 7 desktop. When I connect it to my HP win 7 laptop it is recognised in Device Manager and in Devices and printers. But it does not appear as a in drives in "computer". Needless to say I cant play cds or dvds from it. I have downloaded the latest driver from Philips with no luck. Am I missing something somewhere?? Or is it to be explained away as one of those weird things that computers do?? Anyone any ideas. Or shall I just go out and buy a modern external drive. The reason I want it to work is that the built in drive is very flimsy and the layout of our desk with 2 pcs and 3 monitors doesn't make it easy to get to the disc drive on the laptop as it has to be at right angles to the desk front and the eject tray is close to the wall away from us. There is no way we can re-configure our desk. The laptop is connected to one of the 21" monitors to save eye strain on the smaller screen!
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    Have a look in Disk Management on your HP laptop. The drive may simply need a drive letter manually assigning to it:
  2. many thanks - that worked a treat. Trouble is that now I have to find another pressie for the missus's birthday as I was gonna buy her a new drive as the laptop is hers!
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