Help! Windows 8.1 x64 Problems with Steam, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, System Restore


Just a few hours ago everything on my computer was working fine but now I have all kinds of issues... Google Chrome is now non-functional, as whenever I type anything (even a single letter) in the omnibox, it crashes. Steam does not open anymore (I click the icon, the outline around it pops up as if it's been opened and then fades away shortly after without anything opening on the desktop). For some reason the icons for Microsoft Office and Excel have disappeared; when pinned to the taskbar, the icons are now a blank sheet of paper even though the programs work perfectly fine.

And to top it all, I tried opening system restore to fix all this but all of my restore points have been deleted...and I'm not low on disk memory.

Thank you for any help or answers you can provide! I'm really frustrated.
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  1. Wiping and Reinstalling the Software is your only way out since system restore is usually the BEST way to save yourself from problems.
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