my D disk space is more then C, please tell me how can I change and add space on C disk from D disk? I can't install programs

Please help me to change space on C disk and add it from D disk.
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  1. You could move saved files, like downloads, pictures, music, movies and other general files into folders on the D drive. Easy way to do this is to Open a window that has the files to move, open a second window with the destination folder. Select your files, right click and drag them over, select to move them.
  2. Assuming this is actually one physical disk partitioned into C and D drives:

    1) Back up all data on the D Drive
    2) Format the D Drive
    3) In Disk Management un-allocate the space for the D Drive
    4) In Disk Management, extend the partition to include however much more space you want to give the C Drive
    5) Create a new partition of what's left of the unallocated space
    6) Format the new partition
    7) Restore backed up data to the partition.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks for answers. This computer is new and when first change linux program with windows 7, then made this mistake and now C disk has very low space and more is on D disk. It's impossible to back up all data on the D drive, I have many things in it, if it's possible without format D drive to change C drive space? :(
  4. As I recall, you cannot shrink a partition size. You can only de-allocate it (losing all data on the partition).

    -Wolf sends
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