Need help on building a $400-$500 pc.

Hi, I am coming from console gaming and i need help building my self a gaming pc.

The price i am looking at is $400-$500 US dollar.
I need:
monitor. (if possible)

I would like to upgrade it in the future.
I am also wanting to play modern games but if thats to much i will catch up on the older pc games.


I am from New Zealand so i will only be able to ship some parts from Amazon and the rest from New Zealand retailers.

Sorry if this has just made it harder. Help is very much appreciated.

Thank You!
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    That's about 600 New Zealand dollars, correct ?
  2. Yes that is correct.
  3. Is their any components you already have ?
  4. Nope. Im completely new.
  5. Your budget is really tight, could you maybe add in another $273 (New Zealand), or is that too much ?
  6. That is to much sorry.
  7. well u might want to buy a 4 gb RAM card for or amazon if u like
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