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Hi, I'm a fairly advanced user but I've run into a networking problem I can't solve. I've got two DSL links in my house, one one each floor of my 2-floored house. One is a high speed but unreliable connection, the other is a low speed but reliable connection.
I want to link both the wan modems to a single switch and then broadcast wifi to my house.
Because of the nature of location, I need to hook up the eithernet cable from one modem wirelessly to the switch. How do I do this.
Then I want to condition the load balancing router to my desired configuration. How do I do this?
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    First you are going to need a dual wan router. Maybe you can get lucky and it can run one of the wan connections as a wireless wan otherwise you are going to need another box. This is a client-bridge and all it does is convert wireless to ethernet.

    You would then use the dual wan router to load balance. It only partially works since it cannot combine them on a single download to increase the speed and some sites are actually made up of group of ip addresses. This means that whole group needs to go out the same connection or you get different NAT addresses. You generally must manually set things like that up and it quickly becomes painful to maintain. IP addresses for large sites like this one tend to not even be the same everywhere because of akamai
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