AMD 7870 or GTX 760 for FPS games (like Battlefield 4 on Ultra settings)?

Hey there, I just wanted to ask a quick question guys! ;)

Here is my list (the monitor is different though - benq gl2450hm):

I don't know whether to get the AMD 7870 or the GTX 760. There is a price difference of about £50, and the less i spend the better. I will be mainly playing first person shooter games, mainly battlefield 4.

As I want to play on ultra setting for the awesome experience I was told that the 760 would, of course, be the best. But I've seen people play bf4 (on youtube) using ultra settings but with the 7870 (and same cpu as mine the fx8320 or fx8350).

Would there be a big difference between the two graphics cards when playing fps games like bf4?
Is it worth investing that £50 to a better graphics card? I can use that money to buy a mic or the microsoft office - both of which I need within 4months and i can get one item ery 3-4motnhs, so one item now and one item 3-4months later - but I'd rather play on 50-60fps ultra settings than medium settings 30-40fps.

I tried to be clear as i could, hope you can help, thanks guys!
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  1. MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr OC N760 2GB!

    BF4 @ Ultra: 55~80fps average @ 1080p
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