Which CPU is better for me

I am buying PC and I have chosen next components:

- Motherboard : MB LGA1150 B85 Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H
- RAM : Patriot Viper 3 2x4Gb 1600MHz
- SSD : Toshiba Q Series 128GB
- Case : Raidmax Raptor 832BR Black
- PSU : Cooler Master Gaming 600W

I am thinking to buy one of next 3 CPUs :

- Intel Core i7-4770k
- Intel Core i5-4670k
- Intel Core i5-4440

I dont know do I really need i7-4770k or is it enough i5-4670k or even i5-4440. I will use it for gaming and software development (Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, Visual Studio ...). Some graphics card advice would be helpfull too.

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    For your board the K series does not matter (no OC) so the I5 4440 is the best. Depending on budget R9 270X or GTX760 up as GPU.
  2. 4440 best value\performance\price.
  3. If you do however want a k series proc, get a z87 based mobo, otherwise you are wasting money.
    For a graphics card i'd get a msi 770 gaming oc.
    Gamingwise, you won't need a 4770k, an i5 will do the
    job with a good graphics card-same goes for software development as long as you dont have cpu intensive tasks.
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