New build (MSI Z77 MPower) Motherboard short circuit? Second opinion please!

I recently put together a new build with an MSI Z77 MPower motherboard. Everything was plugged in and seated properly;
All standoffs in correct place, 24-pin/8-pin connected, front switches & LEDs connected correctly etc. All turned out great when I flicked the PSU switch (blue LED lit on the top left corner of the board) and looked good when I turned the power switch on. Fans spinning, video output on 770GTX working (I had a black screen prompting me to go through setup as new it said a new CPU had been detected) all was looking normal.

I installed two BitFenix Spectre fans as part of the build which come with an additional pin for its LEDs which I left unplugged when I first booted up the system. I switched the system off but foolishly plugged in the LED pin in the wrong jumper on the motherboard without turning off the power supply off. When I connected it, the system turned itself on for a brief second (as well as powering the LEDs in the fan) before switching itself off. I haven't been able to power the motherboard since and I'm worried that my error has completely killed it.

I have tested my other components (PSU, RAM etc) on another system/mobo and they work absolutely fine. I've since taken the faulty motherboard out of the case and connected just the PSU, 24-pin & 8-pin and RAM and still nothing. No LED on the motherboard, no power, nothing. I've taken out the battery too, and still nothing. Its becoming a bit of a lost cause and I'm doubting there's a home remedy to get the board working again. I don't mind shelling out for another one, I just want to get a second opinion/confirmation that there's little to no chance in bringing the board back from the dead.

Thanks in advance for any input!
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  1. Is there a way to show us what pins you accidentally attached them too? That would make it much easier to say for sure that your motherboard is dead.
  2. It was either the control or ground or the 1.5VSB pin on the JDLED3 which turns out is the Voice Genie Connector
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    Alright if that's the case then your board more than likely is dead, i say this because that connector is carried on a major power route of your motherboard and it wouldn't be hard to fry a component upon improperly shorting it out with that potential amount of power.
  4. Thanks for the response! I will try not be such a retard when I put the new mobo in next week
  5. Trust me that kind of stuff happens all the time! and your very welcome!
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