Help me pick a good budget graphics card please!

Hi all! I'm in the process of attempting to build my own budget gaming pc, my budget is around $500, and im looking for a graphics card in the $150 range. I have been looking at pairing it with like an amd fx 6300 processor, so i need something that won't be bottlenecked by that processor. I had heard that the radeon r9 270 (non x) would be good, and i was also looking at the radeon hd 7870. Any other suggestions would be appreciated :)
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    So obviously you will want to go for an AMD card they are so much cheaper than the alternative Nvidia range.
    Based on it now being narrowed down to an AMD card within a $150 Theres not much choice left like you say either an R9 270 or an 7870 or perhaps a second hand 7950... the ball is essentially in your court now with these factors in place you need to decide whats most important to you these are the questions you should be asking yourself

    For a new R9 270 or 7870
    Do you want the latest R9 range?
    How will that benefit you?
    What bench mark difference is there?
    Is the overclock any better if so will you be over clocking?

    Do you want a brand new more expensive card or would you be happy buying a more powerful second hand card from eBay or another trustworthy site?

    In answer to what i would do in your situation:
    I would try and get a second hand 7950 if not i would then look into trying to get a 7870
    here is a link to the benchmarks
    7950 vs 7870:
    R9 270 vs 7870

    I hope this helps
  2. The lowest I have ever seen one of those R9-270 is $179, but they are $200 and up now.

    The R9-270 is a re-badged 7870, The 270 is clocked up a little.

    The HD7850 is just a little slower, and is the one in that $150 range.
  3. Thanks guys, i think i'm going to try and get a second hand 7950, and if i can't, gonna pay the little extra for an r9 270. Thanks alot!
  4. holy crap, didn't know the 7950 was so expensive, i'm definitely gonna have to stick to the r9 270, that 7950 is $300 used.
  5. Yah, they are not cost efficient.
    The most cost efficient card, meaning how much bang for your buck, is the GTX760, and the R9-270 and 270X just below that.

    The 7850 is no slouch though, but are getting harder to find.
    Coin mining is driving the prices up on the high end AMD cards.
  6. This is PassMark, not perfect, but can give you the big picture.

    Two cards right next to each other could have questionable results, because the benchmarks are run on unknown computers, by individuals.

    Other than that it is pretty close.
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