i3-2310M running too hot

my laptop cpu when run idle show temp under 50c , load temp around 65-70c after 10min playing battlefield running at stock settings(2.1Ghz).and also after that fan making some noise. i'm little worried.should i need to reapplying thermal paste?any help would be apprecieted
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  1. Do you use any cooling dock when playing games?
  2. Those temps are completely normal for a laptop. My i3 2330m runs just as hot as your chip.
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    65-70C under load is not too hot.

    I have been seeing that type of temperature in Westmere i3 and i5 under load (40C idle, 45-50C light load, >60-75C under high load). In fact, Sandy Bridge mobile quad core i7 on my other laptop easily hits 80C or more under high load. At some point I thought that those laptops are not doing ok. I disassembled the case, cleared the dust and applied new thermal paste to the CPU. This didn't change anything really.
  4. Get some compressed air and dust out the fans while the computer is off, but other than that, those temperatures are pretty normal for a laptop. If your laptop has an intake and an exhaust, try not to block either.
  5. thanks all of you guys for reply
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