is gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard compatible with EVGA Geforce GTX 760 Superclocked card?

is gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard compatible with EVGA Geforce GTX 760 Superclocked card?
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  1. Yep, the board has a PCIe 3.0 16X slot
  2. As long as your PSU can handle the power draw of the card and the motherboard has a PCI-E x16 slot you should be good to go. The main thing to worry about is the PSU so what make/model PSU do you have?
  3. Hi byron, i had two SLI HD Radeon 7750 cards in there before. I have a 700 Watt PSU.
  4. What make and model power supply?
  5. My current system:

    3rd Generation Intel I7-3770K 3.5 GHZ (Turbo 3.9 GHZ) Liquid Cooled by Corsair H60 (Processor cannot be overclocked due to motherboard)
    16 GB DDR3 RAM
    2 X 1 GB Radeon HD 7750
    700 Watt PSU
    Windows 7 64 BIT
    WD 1 TB HD
  6. If it's a decent 700w it should be able to handle it.
  7. Why the GTX 760? Seems like kind of a lateral move from a CrossFire pair of AMD 7750's... which should be about equal to a single 7950. Where a 7950 is in a dead heat with a GTX760.
  8. Hi guys, installed the new card, but screen is just flashing bios and then just a black screen, doesn't move forward. The motherboard doesn't seem to be recognizing it..........any ideas?
  9. Try the easiest solutions here first and then work your down...

    Also does motherboard support switching from the integrated to discrete card
  10. I don't think this card is compatible guys........I am not getting anywhere, no help from EVGA
  11. hey dan I thought I saw you over there on the evga forums. have u tried submitting a ticket with evga yet?
  12. Still nothing guys..........People are saying that 700 watt crappy PSU isn't enough to run this thing, then again, one of my friends fired up the card in his PC with a 650 Watt PSU.

    Whats going on?!!!
  13. Did you try flashing the mobo? if flashing the mobo doesn't work then you'll have to replace it with another one. that is exactly what I did for my 760.
  14. im getting the same problem on this mobo with an 850w psu, my pc detects the card but the picture is pixelated show in the picture link im not sure if its a compatibility issue i thought it was just a faulty card but i went and exchanged it and it is doing the same thing
  15. Just because your power supply says 700, 650, 850 ect ect doesnt mean that it will support the video card, what you need to check is the Amps the 12+Volt rail supports.

    Everytime someone has asked in this thread what your power supply was, no one gave a model, brand or anything but what the Wattage was. This is not helpful and people cant even begin to assess the situation.. It could be your Power supply is not strong enough, could be your bios needs a firmware update. Could be the Card is broke.. We dont know unless you provide more than you've stated
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